Help for Motorcycle Beginners

Help for Motorcycle Beginners - Objective Advice about Beginner Motorcycles

Motorcycle beginners have a lot of fun ahead, shopping and comparing candidate beginner motorcycles. Your final decision on what bike you buy will be an important one...
but there's no reason it can't be a fun learning process!

With my 22 years experience riding, loving, and following motorcycle models and makers, you'll soon narrow down your best choices and have fun learning.

Several factors will influence your beginning motorcycle buying decision.

But perhaps the most important factor guiding your starter motorcycle choice will be your desire. What kind of motorcycle do you want? In other words...What Kind of Motorcycle Riding Interests You?

CRUISER Beginner Motorcycles

If you long to ride in a laid back, relaxed mindset; if you see motorcycle riding as a time to unwind and forget the world for a while, then I think your first motorcycle should be a Cruiser.

ENDURO (Dual Purpose) Beginning Motorcycles

If getting off the street and hitting some bumps, fire roads, and puddles gets you excited; if you don't mind getting a little dirty or sweaty, perhaps your first motorcycle should be an Enduro or Dual Purpose motorcycle.

SPORT Beginner Motorcycles

If you see street riding as an intense sport, one which demands 100% of your focus, then your best starter motorcycle just may be a Sportbike.

STANDARD Beginning Motorcycles

If you're really not sure yet of what specific type of riding you want to do, or don't want to categorize your riding preferences now, then your best starter motorcycle could be a Standard motorcycle.