List of Top Classic Car Insurance Companies in the USA that Offer Affordable Rates

Are you looking for classic car insurance?  This article will offer information on some of the top classic car insurance companies their specialties are classic cars.  Many owners and agents are classic car owners and collectors themselves and will understand the importance and pride that you take in your own classic car. 

When comparing different companies and quotes, you will want to look at the different services that are offered as well as industry and customer classic car insurance reviews.

Hagerty Classic Car Insurance

The Hagerty family began the company in 1984 because they felt sufficient coverage was not available for classic boats.  They eventually added classic car insurance into their business.  The company has now grown from a small family owned business to a national corporation. 

They offer unique services and benefits like specialists on standby to not only answer your insurance related questions, but also discuss different legislation that might affect the classic vehicles and give advice on repairs for your car.  Hagerty also offers publications which include an in-house published magazine promoting the classic world, and a pricing guide on post-war collector cars.  Another great feature is their online valuation tools.

Grundy Classic Car Insurance

Gundy is a full service auto insurance company that offers coverage for almost anything you can think of to insure.  They were the first company to insure antique vehicles 65 years ago and offer value agreed policies in case of a complete loss and single liability charge that covers a collector’s entire collection instead of having to pur.

American Collector Car Insurance

Another well know classic car insurance company is American Collector. They specialize in providing insurance for classic and collector vehicles with over 30 years of experience.  They provide fee online quotes and also the option to buy and manage policies online.  Another extra service or policy that they provide is their TLC plan. 

If you purchase this extra coverage, they reimburse expenses related to towing and roadside assistance.  In the event that you are left stranded 50 miles from home, this coverage also includes reimbursement for lodging and meals for up to five days. 

Another perk of this plan is if you were to break down on the way to a car show and miss it but have already paid a non-refundable fee, they will reimburse you for this expense.  If your car is ever stolen or vandalized, with this plan, personal items that were in the vehicle as well as the vehicle itself are protected.

There are three levels of coverage that the TLC plan offers silver, gold and platinum.
All three of the above listed top classic car insurance companies offer agreed upon value when writing classic car insurance policies. 

This is an important aspect to consider when insuring you classic car.  Most cars depreciate every year and that is something regular auto insurance companies that into consideration, but it is just the opposite when it comes to classic cars. 

With this in mind, you should know that if going with a traditional auto insurance policy, you will not receive the actual value that you feel your car is worth in the event of a complete loss.  Something else you will also want to be vigilant about is increasing the value amount of you classic car every few years. 

Classic car insurance tends to be less expensive than regular auto insurance but does place restrictions on the car.  There will an allotted amount of miles that the car can be driven each year as well as requirements for the storage of the vehicle.  It has to be protected from the elements. 

Most companies require the driver to be at least 25 years old with a clean driving record.
All three of these top classic car insurance companies specialize in providing unique services to its special clientele.  Traditional auto insurance for your cherished classic car is just not sufficient. 

When you go with an insurance company that specializes in classic cars, you will find a knowledgeable staff with the expertise needed and willingness to go above and beyond in finding parts and the perfect mechanic in the event your car is in need of repairs. 

Any of these top classic car insurance companies will provide the coverage that you need, but you will want to find which company offers the services that best meet your needs and take advantage of those.  Remember when paying for insurance, you are paying for service.