Finding Vintage Car Insurance

Vintage, Classic and Antique car insurance are all covered under the same type of insurance policy which is commonly known as classic car insurance. There is a distinction however in the classification of the three types of vehicles.

 The age and year manufactured will determine which category that your vehicle falls into. An antique car was manufactured before 1903.

A vintage car falls into the range of 1903 and 1933 manufacture dates, and a classic car is considered any vehicle over thirty-five years old. The vehicles market value and condition will both play a more important role than the car’s age or classification in determining an insurance quote. Many insurance companies offer free auto insurance quotes online. You can find these with a simple search. However, if you are not having a lot of luck you may want to try alternative keywords to vintage car insurance such as classic car insurance, collector’s car insurance, and antique car insurance.

 Many sites offer insurance quotes online in as little as 90 seconds. Insurance companies will also place some restrictions on the car. There will only be an allotted amount of miles, typically around 2,5000, the car will be permitted to be driven over a one year period. Some companies do offer plans that allow for flexible rates based on the millage accrued for the year.

Classic car insurance rates are traditionally lower because they are not out on the street being driven around every day and therefore at less risk of being in an accident. Classic car owners also tend to take better care if not meticulous car of their cherished possessions. Insurance policies often require the owner’s to keep the vehicle in a secure and protected location such as a garage. When dealing with a valuable vehicle additional requirement such as increased security and fire protection will have to be in place.

 There are a few qualifications the owner and drivers will need to meet in order to qualify for vintage or classic car insurance.

First all drivers need to be a minimum of 25 years old and will also have to have a clean driving record. When examining different insurance quotes that you receive online, you will want to look for and find a policy that is the value is agreed upon by both the owner and insurer. In the case that something happens to your classic car, you will want to receive the full value that you feel you vehicle is worth.

Traditional car insurance depreciates the value of a vehicle each year, which is truthfully what happens to standard everyday vehicles. However when you are talking about a classic care the opposite is what actually happens. Classic, vintage and antique cars all appreciate in value overtime if the right care and maintenance is made in order to keep them in top notch standards.

There are many companies that specialize in classic car insurance. Many of the company owners and agents are themselves classic car lovers and collectors. They are able to offer a higher level of expertise than a traditional auto insurance company because of their knowledge base.

They understand the importance and care that you put into you classic car and will help to find the best parts and services needed in the event of accident or repairs need to be made. Some insurance companies such as Hagerty specialize only in classic vehicles and boats.

They are active in legislation that affects vintage car owners and even have specialists on hand to discuss these issues with you. Another aspect that you will need to look into when review any quotes that you receive are the different times that your car will still be covered but may not be physically driven. This could something such as a restoration period or during shipment out of state or overseas.

Many insurers also sell a liability coverage that can is only one fee but covers all of your vehicles. This is something that you will want to take advantage of if you are a collector and have multiple cars that require vintage car insurance. In the end when you buy any type of insurance, you are buying a service.

You will want to make sure that company that you eventually select to protect you can handle your needs and provide exemplary services when needed. Finding the right vintage car insurance will take time, but you will want to shop around to ensure that you receive in the end will protect you in the case of a complete loss.