How to get the Best Classic Car Insurance Quote for your Vehicle

The best place to look for a classic car insurance quote would be online since most traditional car insurance companies do not insure classic cars properly. If you have a classic car that is not your main mode of transportation and kept in a protected location such as a garage than this vehicle is a perfect candidate for classic auto insurance.  

Finding affordable classic car insurance can be a little time consuming because you will want to shop around to find the best rates and service.  Coming to an agreement with an insurance company as to what the classic car’s value is in case of a complete loss is the toughest part of finding classic car insurance, but you will want a policy where the value is agreed upon not just assessed by the insurer.  Finding a classic car insurer is actually more cost efficient than just going with a regular, every day auto insurance.

When getting classic car insurance quotes online, first you will need to determine if your car classifies as such.  Your cars age is not the only determining factor in whether is considered classic or not.  Of course cars made between the years 1925 and 1948 are qualified as classic cars by the Classic Car Club of America, but even cars that are only 15 years old can be considered classics by different insurers.  This can also differ according to geographical location.  Another disqualifier would if the car is used for commercial reasons.

The second area that will need to be looked at thoroughly is the covered value of the vehicle. This will be determined by comparing your vehicle to other similar vehicles.  Since classic cars tend to appreciate instead of depreciate in value, the coverage amount will need to reflect these changes.  You should periodically review the value of your policy and make adjustments as needed.  When looking for the right classic car insurance policy take a look at the classic car insurance quote to see if a deductible will be required if it is necessary to make a claim.  Often times you will find that with classic care insurance there is no deductible but the full value amount will be awarded if there is a total loss.

There are a few other things that you should look for in classic car insurance quotes when selecting determining the right one for you.  Road side assistance could be an important feature that you might have to take advantage of occasionally.  Liability insurance is also a suggestion when you are a member of a club and will be around other classic cars.  You will want to know if any damage that occurs at car shows will be covered as well as coverage during any restoration period exists.  If you are planning to enter into car shows out of state or overseas, you will want to make sure that your classic car will be insured during shipment.

If you are adding to you classic car collection, just like traditional insurance, if you purchase a new classic car it will be covered for 30 days.  It is important to double check this on any classic car insurance policy that you select.

Classic car insurance rates are lower because they are not driven every day.  Insurers will often set restrictions on the number of miles that the car can be driven each year.  Some companies will even offer flexible rates based on the number of miles driven each year.  Conditions can be placed on the car as well, especially when it comes to the storage location.  If the car is considered valuable, security measures will have to be in place as well as fire protection such as sprinklers.

Now that you know what you are looking for in classic auto insurance based on the needs of your situation and the requirements your car meets, where can you find an affordable classic car insurance quotes?  Since you can’t simply call a regular car insurance company, you will want to try and get several classic car insurance quotes online.  Performing an internet search for specialty companies that focus on classic cars should lead you to people who understand classic cars and are probably owners and collectors themselves.  Many companies offer free quotes available online.  Although cost should be factor, it should not be the decision maker.  Finding an insurer that is knowledgeable with great customer service and efficient claims handling should also be major considerations.