Honda Rebel

Honda Rebel: Is It The Best Beginner Motorcycle?

The Honda Rebel gets my recommendation as a Best Beginner Motorcycle. If you're thinking about a cruiser motorcycle and you're a beginner, I can't make a better recommendation than this, the Honda Rebel.

Years Available: 1985-Present
Engine Size: 250cc
Motorcycle Style: Cruiser
Appropriate Beginner Motorcycle? THE BEST
The absolute epitome of what a best beginner motorcycle should be
Pros: Very manageable, nimble, confidence-inspiring, lots of accessories
Cons: It's not going to be the most powerful motorcycle you'll ride...but that's not a bad thing
Estimated Used Price Range: $1,000-$3,000 ($3,099 New in 2005)
Quote overheard about this cycle: "Dude, no way that's a 250. It looks too cool."

Originally introduced in 1985, Honda makes this very stylish motorcycle with the motorcycle beginner in mind. The 250cc size is a great engine size at which to begin - not too much power, but enough to get you around comfortably when your skills do improve. My second motorcycle was a 1983 Honda Custom 250, and Honda used the engine from that cycle as the power plant for the Rebel. Talk about a time-tested engine. 234cc of piston displacement, will get you moving confidently at first, making this engine size the best choice for a best beginner motorcycle. Later, you'll appreciate the cycle's ability to carry you at freeway speeds when you are ready for such riding. You can take comfort in knowing that the Honda Rebel is Honda's current longest-running street motorcycle model. Thousands upon thousands of motorcycle beginners got their start on this great cruiser.

A Best Beginner Motorcycle for Cruisers In Training!

For $3,099 you get a very stylish cruiser. Solid engine performance that's decades proven, a very inviting, low slung seat height, killer gas mileage (probably the best mpg motorcycle out there next to Kawasaki's Eliminator 125 which ain't freeway safe). For 2005, you also can have your Rebel in a gorgeous Candy Orange paint that definately doesn't look like everyone else's cruiser motorcycle! And, Honda saw fit to give the Rebel a disk brake on the front wheel. Why is this a notable feature? Disk brakes are much more effective than drum brakes, and you want a disk brake system up front. During braking, weight of the motorcycle and rider transfers up front (that's why cars and cycles dip forward during hard braking) and you want powerful stoppers up front. More weight demands better braking power.

The inclusion of a disk braking system and gorgeous color options make this a choice for best beginner motorcycle, one that you'll enjoy for years to come.

At 306 pounds, the Rebel weighs only 15 more pounds than a bike half its size - the Motorcycle Safety Foundation school trainer workhorse, Kawasaki Eliminator 125. The Rebel is only 2 more pounds than the super-fly-weight canyon carving fun bike extraordinare, the Kawasaki Ninja 250. If you want to spend $400 more for a more stylish V-twin engine, look at the Yamaha Virago 250. The Virago also comes fitted with way cool dual chrome staggered exhaust pipes, but the Virago is only available in black. Honda offers the 2005 Rebel in black and that crazy cool Orange Candy color. For 2006, the Rebel will be available only in black and a Pearl White. If you're crazy about that super-unique orange, hurry down to your Honda dealer and scoop one up before they disappear!

Used Honda Rebels

You'll have no trouble finding a good used Honda Rebel for sale. If you're looking for your second third motorcycle, then have fun shopping. A caveat for beginners, though: I'm not shy in recommending beginners buy new motorcycles only.

You have plenty of stimulation starting out, and having road-worthiness as a concern is too much to worry about. Not to say that all new motorcycles will be 100% trouble free or that used motorcycles are all ticking time-bombs. With a new motorcycle, a warranty comes included and you'll have the peace of mind knowing that yours is the only butt who's sat in your motorcycle's seat.

You'll also know for sure the mechanical history and riding style the bike has operated under. Simply put, there's no previous-rider abuse to worry about and for a new motorcycle rider, that's one less headache. You'll enjoy this best beginner motorcycle as it rolls out off of the dealer's floor brand new, and it will give you great pride and joy for years.

I wouldn't recommend a used Honda Rebel motorcycle to you if you're a beginning rider. If you're getting a Rebel as your third or so motorcycle, then I'd say, Great. Just know that novice motorcycle riders aren't known for their, shall we say, "smooth operating touch."

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