Suzuki DR200SE

Learning with Enduro Motorcycles: Suzukis DR 200 SE

Enduro motorcycles make great first motorcycles. The big benefit with learning off road is that you'll usually have no vehicular traffic with which to contend - a big safety thumbs up. And, because riding off road is much more physical, your riding skills sharpen exponentially quicker than strictly street riding.

Suzuki DR200SE

Engine Size: 199cc
Motorcycle Style: Dual Purpose (Enduro)
Good Beginner Motorcycle? Certainly!
Pros: Lowest price, largest fuel capacity among the new models in its class of the big-4 manufacturers.
Cons: Even with the smallest engine, it’s still not the lightest or the shortest model.
Price: $ 3,899 New, 2005 ($50 price increase for 2006 model.)

The Suzuki DR200SE has the smallest engine of the three beginning enduro motorcycles I’ve covered here, but it’s not the lightest and it doesn’t have the lowest seat height either. It is priced competitively, a few hundred dollars or so less than the Yamaha XT and Kawasaki’s expensive KLR. And, the Suzuki does have the largest fuel capacity by a good half-gallon. That right there must be worth 30 miles or so. If you want the best new beginning enduro motorcycle upon which you can get gone and still get back, the DR 200SE may be your bike.

As with the other 2 entry level enduro motorcycles, Suzuki smartly outfitted the DR 200 with a disc brake on the front fork with a drum style brake on the rear wheel.

Riders-to-be looking for good beginning enduro motorcycles who are short and/or small in stature and/or young and inexperienced actually have some decent machines to choose from. If you’d like another option besides Kawasaki’s kickstart-only KLR 250 or the Yamaha XT 225, take a look at this competent Suzuki DR 200SE, a great looking, lightweight, affordable dual purpose cycle.

Adventure Awaits on Enduro Motorcycles!

As an enduro motorcycle, the DR 200 will serve you well on gravel or unimproved roads, fire roads, and APPROVED City/County/State/Federal off road motorized riding areas. Also, you'll be a different kind of motorcyclist if you choose to ride dual purpose machines. Suzukis DRZ400 has been widely acclaimed as a cliff-jumping bike made street legal - I also really like (as do the professional reviewers) Suzukis DL Strom pair of cycles (the 650cc and the 1000cc flavor). A new moniker - Adventure Bike - has been given to dual purpose rides quite recently. The Indiana Jones in you may be the one writing the check when you choose to buy an adventure bike. Life is short; why not have a DP and a regular street bike, too, for the best of both worlds?